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Infrared Heating Panels

Infrared Heating Panels

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Infrared Heaters & Controls

We are specialists in Infrared Heaters & Controls. We supply and install a wide range of infrared heaters for all domestic, commercial, and outdoor applications.

We are firm believers in doing things correctly, making sure you are completely taken care of from initial planning through an installation completed with the finest calibre of craftsmanship.

We Love Your Infrared Heating Panels guarantees to always arrive prepared, treat your home with the respect it deserves, and leave it immaculate after all work is finished.

Infrared Heating Panels at Unbeatable Value

If you are looking for an energy efficient heating solution you should definitely consider infrared heating panels. They are a great alternative to traditional electric radiators and are fast becoming a preferred heating alternative to gas boilers, that are due to be phased out in the coming years.

Our infrared heating panels are fast and reactive making them ideal for smart, zonal control of buildings. Being able to control each room individually is key to being comfortable and reducing the energy required. The costs of running infrared heating panels is less than normal equivalent convection heating. It is generally thought that a 600w infrared heater will provide the same level of warmth as a 1500w convection heater, saving up to 900w!

Research shows that apart from A or B rated Gas Central Heating, which is to be phased out, Infrared has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any other major heating system – even beating new, low energy ‘eco’ solutions such as air source heat pumps by up to 20%, efficient digital electrical radiators by up to 40% and a staggering 50-60% on underfloor and electric night storage heaters.

In direct comparison tests, heat pumps used less energy than infrared heaters, but servicing, repairs and upfront purchase costs far outweighed their energy savings. For a two bed house, figures showed that over the lifetime of the heating system, the heat pump would cost over £7,000 more than infrared. The costs of servicing and repairing a heat pump can also outweigh the lower electricity used, and a heat pump can cost around 3 – 7 times more than the infrared heating.

Infrared heating panels are also a good option when used in conjunction with solar panels due to their low electricity consumption. In the UK, according to the Solar Trade Association, some 670,000 homes now have solar and could benefit from also updating their current heating technology to something that doesn’t use fossil fuels. For new eco homes, infrared heating when combined with solar panels provide a good incentive for buyers to lower their energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions, as well as improve their homes air quality.

It’s all well and good installing solar panels on your roof but if you are still using fossil fuels for heating and hot water, the CO2 emissions are going to be high.

If you are looking to replace an existing heating system, such as electric storage heaters, electric radiators, or other convection heating system, again, we can help. Our wealth of experience can help you come up with the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your project – whatever the size.

All our panels are designed and made in the UK and come with a 10 year guarantee, but know they will last a lifetime.

We are always happy to advise on all types of applications, panel options and wattage requirements for the space you are looking to heat.

  • Did you know that Infrared heaters are very cost effective to run, because their long-lasting heat allows them to keep spaces warm using less energy. This is a key factor in why their running costs are so low.
  • Did you know that the initial high cost of a ground source heat pump makes it completely unaffordable for most households now? Besides this they can often cost more to run than infrared heating.
  • Did you know that circa 33,000 UK homes are now currently heated by infrared panels – a figure which will likely increase as more people move away from gas. Infrared panels cost as little as £119.
  • Infrared heating is energy efficient with proven savings, as much as 50% when compared to other conventional heating systems.
  • Did you know that ground source heat pumps are the most expensive heating system available? In fact, they are circa. 33% more costly to run than infrared heating panels!

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Rered Project Management & Construction
Rered Project Management & Construction
Rered Project Management & Construction
Rered Project Management & Construction

Benefits of Infrared Heating

Far Infrared Heater - a better way to heat

Fast Responsive Heating

When and where it is needed, infrared heating provides quick, responsive heating.

Healthy Heat

Infrared heating has been shown to relieve aches brought on by moisture by lowering allergies, bacteria, mould, and condensation. Inside your house, feel the sun!

Eliminates Damp

The air is two or three degrees warmer than your walls and floors because objects are heating, not the air. So there is no condensation.

Money Saving Features

With our affordable prices and money-saving features, Infrared offers a fantastic return on investment.

Low Purchase / Installation Costs

Compared to gas boilers or storage heaters, our infrared heaters are much less expensive to purchase and install.

Zero Maintenance Costs

In contrast to air conditioners, heat pumps and gas boilers, our heater requires no maintenance. Setup and forget.

Low Energy Usage

When compared to equivalent convection heaters, infrared heaters often utilise less than half the energy. What a green idea!

Heating Eco Housing

Construction of passive homes and eco-housing is expanding faster. These are based on surroundings with excellent insulation.

This type of building can benefit greatly from the use of infrared heating panels, which offer a very effective heating solution.

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Heating for Housing and Flats

The use of infrared heating in household settings is growing in popularity. Infrared panels are especially popular with landlords. They offer the necessary levels of comfort while minimising heating costs thanks to zonal thermostatic control.

IHP panels can also serve as a stunning focal point for a living area while also offering effective, comfortable heating thanks to our custom printing service!

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Rered Project Management & Construction
Rered Project Management & Construction
Rered Project Management & Construction
Rered Project Management & Construction