LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Commercial & Domestic LED Lighting Solutions

We supply & install a wide range energy efficient domestic, commercial and industrial LED lighting systems.

We are specialised lighting installation contractors – Saving our customers 80-90% of  their lighting energy. We offer bright white LED lighting with a 10 Year+ lamp lifetime for energy efficient lighting solutions for datacentres, factories, workshops & large industrial buildings.

Redefine your workspace with our extensive range of LED lighting solutions for your work space.

Redefine your workspace with our extensive range of commercial LED lighting for work spaces that include offices, schools, factories, warehouses and more.

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Office LED Lighting Solutions

Create a lighting atmosphere in your workplace that supports individuality and creativity with our range of LED lighting. LED lighting in offices is not only energy efficient.

But extremely practical as it can also help benefit your employers too, and if the satisfaction of employees increases, this, in turn, leaves to better work performance.

Choosing LED office ceiling lighting can be extremely beneficial to your business due to many reasons, the first being down to uninterrupted brighter light that helps with staff productivity.

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Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

Decrease costs and improve safety with our range of commercial and industrial LED lighting that is designed to provide powerful, long-lasting illumination,

LED lighting is ideal for warehouses, high-bays, and low bays too.

Not only will this wide range of industrial LED lighting be incredibly energy saving, but they’ll cost you less to run and replace too. Make the right choice for business and shop the expert lights we have on offer below.

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School LED Lighting Solutions

School lighting can account for more than half of a school’s electricity use, so choosing the right energy-efficient fixtures is the answer to ensuring that you get the most for your money.

Investing in LED lighting for schools is one of the fastest ways you can cut down on electrical consumption, as well as counteract the rise in energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Not only can energy-efficient light make an impact on school costs, but it can also improve the learning environment.

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Classroom LED Lighting Solutions

The shocking realisation that more than 50% of school’s electricity bill is due to lighting might be enough to reiterate that LED lighting for schools is imperative to a schools budget.

LED is the best option moving forward and for many more reasons that just saving money too.

LED is the standout choice for school lighting for numerous reasons.

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Factory LED Lighting Solutions

Choosing the right factory lighting can be time-consuming and confusing, but we have the experience to guarantee you make the right lighting choices.

With efficiency and the safety of your workers at the forefront of our minds, we know that LED factory lighting will be the best choice in the majority of situations. We offer a range of competitively priced LED lights that can help you to save money on your electricity costs.

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Factory LED Ceiling Lights

With everything from cost effectiveness, carbon footprint, quality of light and health and safety, the benefits of installing LED factory lighting is endless.

Something to consider for your business today.

Of course, there are many things for you to consider, the building size, the ceiling height, how often certain areas are frequented and how much natural daylight is available, but choosing the right factory lighting can make a big difference not only to your electricity bills but your staff productivity too.

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Hotel LED Lighting Solutions

Welcome your guests with a range of stylish, warm and inviting hotel lights that are both modern and traditional in style.

Choose the fixtures that best suit the style of your interior, and illuminate your inn or resort hotel with high quality and professional fixtures.

Whether you want to instantly catch the eye of your guest or need to line the halls for practicality, we have the light fixtures you need at competitive prices.

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Warehouse LED Lighting

We Supply & Install Energy Efficient Warehouse LED Lighting Systems Across England & Wales. Save Up To 80-90% Energy With Warehouse LED Lighting.

Bright White Light – 10 Year+ Lamp Lifetime – Lower Your Lighting Costs – Warehouse LED Lighting UK.

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